The Growth And Change Of The Preowned Premium Car Industry


The Growth Of The Premium Car Industry 

Premium car sales in India hit a sky-high record of 42,731 units in the last year and this value is 20% higher than the previous year. If you notice, today a growing percentage of young buyers opt for high-end luxury cars. This is because luxury cars are a much smarter option when gaining great value for money, cutting down maintenance & fine-tuning their lifestyle! 

Luxury cars have become appealing options to youngsters as they uplift their hectic lives. Premium cars are not only used as a medium to glamorize your social life but a valuable lifetime investment. High-end premium cars exceed expectations with impeccable performance and are worth the investment when compared to standard cars. 

You will be interested to know that the rising growth of the luxury car market has also fueled the price of premium cars. Even though the money spent on premium cars is

worth the investment, not everyone can afford it, especially in developing countries like India. 

Today, the enthusiastic teens to the grown millennials of India, have a craze for sports cars more than ever before. 

Your One-Stop Solution 

This is where Kamdhenu steps into the game. Our vision is to make the premium car affordable and purchasable for one & all. The sole goal of Kamdhenu is to make budget buyers relish the Luxury Car Ownership Experience. 

The Perks Of Investing In Preowned Premium Cars 

The benefits that come with preowned premium cars have become increasingly evident to the eyes. Here are some perks that you can count on! 

Affordable Access To Premium Brands 

The craze of owning a car from esteemed brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi becomes more feasible when selecting a slightly older model. Today, this affordability encompasses a wider demographic of buyers for them to experience the sophisticated features offered by high-end luxury cars. 

Depreciation Factors 

The attraction of Preowned Sports Cars deeply stems from depreciation. Typically, new vehicles undergo a significant drop in value during their initial years. Choosing a pre-owned luxury vehicle allows you to avoid the most drastic phase of the depreciation curve and save big on your pocket. 

Technological Progression 

Luxury cars have state-of-the-art technologies and features that set them apart from standard models. As these features become common in upcoming cars, choosing a used luxury car grants you super easy access to all advanced features.

Exclusive Comfort And Features 

High-end vehicles are often celebrated for their exceptional comfort and top-tier amenities. When you choose used luxury cars you can enjoy the features like deluxe leather interiors and cutting-edge technology integration at a pocket-friendly cost. 


Kamdhenu emerges as a beacon of hope for budget-conscious purchasers, aiming to democratize the experience of luxury car ownership. With a legacy spreading over 25 years, Kamdhenu Cars stands as the epitome of commitment to providing economical access to luxury brands. Through its diverse range of choices and competitive pricing, Kamdhenu Cars promises that the attractive price of premium cars is within reach for one and all.