Maintenance Made Simple: Basic Guide for Car Owners



Beginner's Guide to Basic Car Maintenance: What Every Owner Should Know


Maintenance Made Simple: Basic Guide for Car Owners

Isn't keeping your car in tip-top shape your ultimate desire as a car lover? But owning a four-wheeler is more than just a pleasure! It is a big investment in everyday convenience & reliability. While we provide a top-tier collection of preowned car options, we also know the significance of educating car owners about maintenance practices.

Are you aware that following some simple daily car maintenance tips can expand your vehicle’s lifespan by up to 50%? Also, it is your only defense against unexpected breakdowns in the long run that can save both your time & money.

Whether you are interested in one of our new car models or are already a part of Kamdhenu car buyers, use this simple guide to keep your car in its optimal form.


Detecting Your Car’s Basic Maintenance Needs

With the help of simple car care tips, vehicles can retain up to 95% of their original value over five years. Also, a study displayed that frequent maintenance can cut down the chances of major mechanical failures by almost 75%. Here are a few practical tips to understand your vehicle better & address promptly on its daily maintenance needs.


Fluid Quality Inspection

Fluid quality inspection is inevitable as it serves as the lifeline of your car, promising longevity & great performance. Putting this task at the top of your priority list will help you detect early signs of contamination or premature wear, erasing the chances of costly repairs.


Keep the Air Filters Clog-free

One of the keys to achieving amazing performance in automobiles is to keep its engine damage-free. Clogged air filters are often the issue behind low engine performance, poor car interior air quality & reduced fuel efficiency. 

Replacing your car’s filters on a daily basis helps to prevent contaminants & ensure proper airflow. It is best to get your provider’s recommendation for inspection or replacement intervals frequently.


Check your Tire Pressure levels

Checking your tire pressure frequently ensures both safety and good maintenance. If your car does not have a TPMS, you can always upgrade it with a tire gauge and check your tire pressure whenever needed. With this basic tip, you will know if your vehicle is properly aligned & relish improved fuel efficiency. Don’t miss out on checking the spare tire as well!


Replace Wipers Without Delay

Worn-out & old windshield wipers can lead to unwanted hassles in your busy hours. Nothing can be riskier than not getting a clear view of the road while driving in extreme weather conditions. So make sure to replace your wipers on time to sidestep larger repair jobs.


Choose your Dealer Wisely

Whether you are investing in new cars or used cars, being selective about your dealer is a smart move. Detailed inspections & curated selections by reliable dealers promise you quality vehicles right from the start. With a transparent history & quality assurance, trusted dealers reduce maintenance efforts automatically.



You can either follow the recommended maintenance routine mentioned in your car’s manual or schedule routine checks. With certified quality assurance, Kamdhenu offers quality-checked cars that only demand easy & basic maintenance. By setting high standards for vehicle choices & detailed quality checks, our foremost goal is to provide you with a satisfying ownership experience.