Dealership Deals or Private Sellers: Every Car Buyer’s Guide


Exploring the Benefits of Buying from a Private Seller vs. a Dealership

Dealership Deals or Private Sellers: Every Car Buyer’s Guide

Are you about to sign the cheque for your four-wheeler? But second thoughts have already invaded your mind.

Buying a luxury car is a serious financial commitment that demands weeks & sometimes months of planning. Certification & warranty, resale value, depreciation dynamics to negotiation power, and a bulk of factors come into account. But all of these are put into place when you choose to buy from the right source. Do you agree?

Understanding the differences between investing in a car from a private seller and a dealership is key to the right decision.  As pioneers in the auto industry, we suggest every car buyer put reputation and reliability at the top of the checklist. To break it down, here is what you need to know:

Transparency and Trustworthiness

Speaking of trust & transparency, both dealerships & private sellers might have their own sets of merits.

But the question is will you get your part of the guarantee, especially in the case of pre-owned car sales?

Private sellers provide a more tailored & casual buying experience, while dealerships maintain a high sense of professionalism and responsibility.

As per a survey performed by Cox Automotive, 84% of customers choose to invest in dealerships even if they have other choices. This is because of the clear trust and reliability they get from dealers.

Our one-in-all website bridges the gap between the two options by leveraging a comprehensive purchasing experience for premium used cars. You can easily access a wide selection of unique pre-owned cars while getting full transparency of the deal.

Pricing structure and Negotiation

The pricing structure and negotiation procedure can significantly differ in terms of dealerships & private sellers. Private sellers may offer you more flexible chances of negotiation. But ever wondered why some might also lack the expertise to accurately price the vehicles?

Dealerships cut down all unnecessary hassles by offering fixed prices as per the market value. They might be less willing to negotiate but you can be sure that you will get the assurance of a fair market value and funding options. To help you make the job easier, we offer you a highly transparent purchase procedure with competitive pricing, ensuring a fair-minded deal for all involved parties.

Variation & Vehicle Selection

One of the greatest perks of purchasing from a dealership is access to an unlimited selection of cars. Dealerships usually provide a wider choice range when you are searching through used car marketplaces.

  • Certified Pre-Owned Cars
  • Premium Pre-Owned Cars
  • Budget-Friendly Options
  • Latest & Luxury Models

On the other hand, the selection range for private sellers might be limited to a certain extent. But they may also offer unique or hard-to-find models. 

With us, you can expect to explore a comprehensive collection of reliable & unique pre-owned cars ranging from rugged SUVs to luxury sedans all conveniently set for you to choose under one roof.

Quality Assurance: The Bottom Line

The decision of choosing the source of buying a car ultimately depends on your personal preferences. But when it comes to warranty and quality assurance, dealerships own the edge over private sellers. To tick mark all advantages in the checklist, it is wise to explore reputed pre-owned car marketplaces like Kamdhenu Cars.  We put customer satisfaction at the top & hence ensure detailed history inspections, quality checks, and warranty options. Find your ideal balance of affordability, variety & quality at our car hub now!